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About BTL

If you are aiming to become the top in your industry, not second, not ‘above average’… the top, then you have come to the right place. Become the Lion is the World’s leading platform for transforming your mindset from one of ‘every kid deserves a trophy’ to ‘only the people at the top are worthy of the prize’ If that type of thinking makes you uncomfortable, then this place is NOT for you. We are not catering to everyone’s needs or likes. We are not trying to make people feel comfortable. We are here to make YOU the best you can be and become the top in YOUR industry.

The Mission

The Mission of Become the Lion is to give you the best tools, resources and inspiration on a daily basis to reach the top in your industry. We post on Instagram multiple times per day, have weekly podcasts and YouTube videos, along with blogs posts and other key content that we share every week to give you the ULTIMATE EDGE OVER YOUR COMPETITION. We give you our promise that we will fulfill our part of the deal.

Pick Your Industry

To be the top in anything, you must first pick your industry. After you have picked it, it's time to read EVERYTHING you can, surround yourself with experts in your field and act as an apprentice while working like hell to master your industry.

Grind Your Industry

This is the toughest stage of the process. You must outwork your competition and keep up with the top people in your field. Do everything that is required and then do MORE. Never satisfied. Always hungry.

Rule Your Industry

After making it to the top, it's time to rule your industry. But to rule, you must STAY at the top and keep up to date with everything and keep that same work ethic that got you there. This is not the time to relax. You must take control.


We share success stories, habits of legends, routines to enhance your day and more. "Surround yourself with killers" and if you cannot, read about them.

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