6 Reasons Why You Should Join The 5am Club

01. September 2017

I never would’ve expected myself to become a morning person nor did I ever intend to wake up early. It happened because of necessity. A necessity to become more.

Through my entire life, I resented waking up early. For me to write this article on why you should wake up at 5am would’ve seemed blasphemous years ago. But here I am with you today.

I will not sugarcoat my story and tell you it’s easy waking up early in the morning especially 5am.

For myself, I worked my way to 4am. That lasted a month or two, eventually, it became too hard to keep up with, especially with my schedule.

It’s difficult getting ready to go to bed when the sun is still setting. Or going to bed when your friends or significant other wants you to stay up. It’ll take massive amounts of willpower to get up early each day, this includes the weekend.

Why go through the struggle of waking up early? Because the rewards are bountiful. I wouldn’t be where I am today without getting up early.

Are there days where I sleep in or I’m out late with friends? There are. But I can tell you that on the days I stay up late or sleep in, I’m not nearly as productive as I usually am.

Getting up early isn’t enough. You’ll need to create a morning routine. When you create a morning routine for yourself, it will be that much easier to wake up early.

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While I recommend a set routine you should use once you wake up in the morning, I will go into the benefits of what I’ve noticed since joining the 5am club.

It should be noted I didn’t go from waking up at 10am each day to waking up at 5am. It was a long process of six months. I would set my alarm back a few minutes each week.

You need don’t special skills to get up early. You need to have the desire.


Discipline isn’t something that happens overnight. You can wish it to happen, but it doesn’t work that way.

It will take time to cultivate. Before my morning routine, I wasn’t disciplined in my life. I hadn’t even known what the word discipline meant. Becoming more disciplined is still a challenge I face each day, but getting up early has made it easier.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve in your life, you will need to cultivate discipline to get to where you want to go. Maybe you are disciplined or you aren’t, getting up early is a great place to start.

Once you get up early, you can use that discipline in other areas in your life. Most people don’t force themselves to do something. They get excited for a week or a month but eventually, that’ll go away. When you feel the excitement dissipate, discipline is what will keep you going.  

It can be a struggle to get up early. I understand; I was once there. But that’s when the power of discipline kicks in.

You learn the art of discipline because you plan your day ahead.

You’ll need to go to bed at a consistent time. Because if you don’t, it will not be fun to wake up in the morning and you’ll be likely to sleep in.

When I woke up early on a consistent basis that was the first time I learned the power of discipline. With discipline, you’re implementing good habits into your life. Because we each have good and bad habits. Discipline will force you to create more good habits in your life.


People want to complain they don’t have enough time to get everything done. They’d rather make excuses than look at their routine.

I’ve been studying those who’ve become successful for a while now. One thing the majority have in common is they wake up early. Was it because they loved waking up early? No, a lot of them hated waking up early. They woke up early because it allowed them to become more productive.

What I’ve noticed since waking up early is that there will be events that happen in your everyday life you can’t control. Most of these events happen after 8am. But if you can wake up early and get in a few hours of uninterrupted work, wouldn’t it be worth your desired success? Before you put out the fires that arise during your day?

When you wake up early, it’s hard not to be productive. You can check social media or your email and no one will be posting or emailing you. Unless they’re already a member of the 5am club .

I don’t care what happens the rest of the day if I can work two hours in the morning with no distractions I’ll get more accomplished than the person who works eight hours of distracted work.

We each possess the same 24 hours. Why is that some are more successful others? Because those who are successful are more productive.

More Tasks Done

To get more tasks done goes along with productivity.

It’s no secret that when you have fewer distractions, you will get more done. This is a simple concept that’s overlooked.

For those who get up at 5am, they realize that when there are fewer distractions, they get more done and when they get more done; they live a better life.

If you have a project you keep putting off or you find your day riddled with responsibility, I guarantee that joining the 5am club will change your life.

How’d it feel to get more done each day? Because remember, we each have the same 24 hours.

If you wish to become successful, you need to be decisive in how you spend your time.

Take Back Your Life

I didn’t know where I was heading but I could tell it was a place I didn’t want to be. The contentment in my life was at a minimum. I understood I had to make a change in my life. And that change was my morning routine.

With my morning routine, I didn’t notice it right away. But over a few months, I realized my life had become better. It even got to where I didn’t want to sleep because I was so excited to start my morning routine.

If you’re at a point in your life where you’re unhappy, you need change. Because it’d be crazy to keep doing the same over and over again and expecting different results.

Become the person you were meant to be. To become that person, you’re just changing your habits and your daily routine. It isn’t a big fix and most of the time it’s small.

I had a quick morning routine going when I wasn’t happy with my life. I made small changes to the routine I already had, and it made a world of difference.

When you’re looking to take back your life, it starts with changing your routine.


It’s no secret that if you wish to become successful, you will need to spend time alone. Solitude can be the solution you’re looking for.

During the early morning hours, that’s where I learned who I was as a person. I wasn’t being influenced by the media or my friends and family; it was me alone with my thoughts. Don’t go your entire life without discovering who you actually are. You need to take time out of each day to think for yourself. I’ve found it easier if I take this time during the morning.

In a place of solitude, you learn who you are because you’re allowing yourself to bring your sub-conscious thoughts into your conscious mind.

When you’re thinking all day, you may not realize the thoughts you’re having. You might have unwanted thoughts and not realize how harmful they are. There’s this negative voice in your head and you finally realize how detrimental it is to your success.

By spending time alone, I learned who I am. Each day I spend time alone, I learn more about myself that I never realized.

While the weather is warm during the summer, I prefer to change up my routine and go for a run to catch the sunrise and be up before the world starts. This is my place of solitude, what’s yours?

Become More Grateful

You may already possess the life you’re searching for but you’re so blinded by the negativity you can’t be grateful for what you have. People want to complain about their situation without being thankful for everything they have.

As part of my morning routine, I like to take a few minutes each morning to express gratitude for everything in my life. With this process, I write everything in my journal.

No matter how bad my day gets, I can always go back to my journal to realize that being negative takes away from the present moment and everything I already have.

There are necessities you need to survive, beyond that, you shouldn’t let them dictate your happiness. When you’re writing in your journal try to be thankful for things outside your control. For me, it’s showing gratitude for being blessed with an amazing sunrise and being able to hear the beautiful sounds of the birds. If you start to pay attention to everything that goes on around you, you’ll see you already have everything you need to be happy and that starts with yourself.  

It’s time to express more gratitude for the life you’re currently living.

Why are you thinking about joining the 5am club? Let us know in the comments!

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