67 Marks Of A Great Leader

01. September 2017

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A leader is someone who you should look up to. Someone who’s willing to take charge of his company and his employees. A leader gives others motivation, inspiration, and a desire for success. He’s the man you want running your army.


A leader is clothed from grit.

Here are the 67 marks of a great leader. Let us know what you think should be added or subtracted in the comments below.


  1.  A leader understands that it’s not how much money he makes but rather who he becomes.


  1. A leader learns from great men. If he seeks to be great, he must constantly be studying those who were great before him.


  1. A leader has a true understanding of human nature. He can sense what his employees are thinking, feeling and the way they want to act.


  1. A leader is never crushed by setbacks or interested in assigning blame for failure.


  1. A leader expects men to fail because by nature, they usually do.


  1. A leader knows that to lead you must first become a master of yourself.


  1. A leader understands that winning in business comes to those who are the most disciplined, toughest and prepared.


  1. A leader knows the challenges of what it takes to become a leader. This includes understanding the fallen nature of men and succeeding in spite of it.


  1. A leader puts hard work before leisure.


  1. A leader inspires his employees.


  1. A leader realizes that there’s no limit to what a man can achieve if he doesn’t care who gets credit.


  1. A leader never swears and rarely loses his temper.


  1. A leader never seeks out escape in the world in which he lives in.


  1. A leader is immune to self-pity.


  1. A leader is shunned to self-advertisement.


  1. A leader sets an example and practices what he preaches.


  1. A leader understands that if he relies on force he’s not going to be a good businessman.


  1. A leader never uses another’s suffering as an excuse.


  1. A leader knows that it’s better to suffer evil than commit it.


  1. A leader looks after his people.


  1. A leader fulfills his duty to the best of his ability.


  1. A leader always takes things as they are and turns it into his advantage.


  1. A leader is always conscious about his decisions so there’s no room for self-doubt.


  1. A leader accepts responsibility.


  1. A leader seeks to minimize the damages to his company.


  1. A leader will take any action that can cause one to avoid harm.


  1. A leader is willing to risk it all to win it all.


  1. A leader has the endurance to outlast his competitors.


  1. A leader copies successful leaders successes and learns from their mistakes.


  1. A leader doesn’t wait on the sidelines.


  1. A leader accepts financial responsibility.


  1. A leader knows that freedom comes from self-restraint.


  1. A leader never neglects his own interests.


  1. A leader gets the day’s work done in the day allotted.

  1. A leader gets to bed early and starts the day early.


  1. A leader takes time for exercise and reflection.


  1. A leader controls his passions rather than having his passions control him.


  1. A leader understands that he can only act if he is free from debt.


  1. A leader is methodical in everything that he does.


  1. A leader is a good subordinate.


  1. A leader understands the art of the struggle.


  1. A leader is open and honest.


  1. A leader lacks egotism and is humble.


  1. A leader realizes that if you want to win against all odds you can’t play by the odds.


  1. A leader is decisive.


  1. A leader keeps good morale among his employees.


  1. A leader can distinguish between employees who make mistakes and have great potential and employees who make mistakes and have no potential.


  1. A leader doesn’t wait for opportunities but rather creates them.


  1. A leader knows that the best alternative is not always the easiest.


  1. A leader understands that if you’re generous with your time people will be generous with their effort.


  1. A leader has the integrity to face facts and the courage to not be intimidated by them.


  1. A leader cannot afford to be idle.


  1. A leader knows the safety of themselves depends on themselves alone.


  1. A leader sees the mind of his competitors and knows what his own people can achieve.


  1. A leader makes the best of circumstances in which he is placed.


  1. A leader finds employees who he can trust and share in his vision and then lets them loose.


  1. A leader understands that the greater the risk you take, the more you rely on trust.


  1. A leader is always focusing on what he can to do to improve his situation.


  1. A leader knows that understanding individuals’ different qualities is crucial to making the most of their talents to achieve one’s ultimate aim.


  1. A leader never submits himself to emotional swings.


  1. A leader delegates authority.


  1. A leader knows that it’s wrong to trust an employee who doesn’t share in his vision.


  1. A leader leaves no doubt that every effort and every sacrifice he has made will lead him to success.


  1. A leader seizes the day.


  1. A leader realizes that there’s nothing to be gained by humiliating or oppressing his employees.


  1. A leader has higher responsibility than themselves.


  1. A leader would rather be loved than feared.

What do you think makes a great leader? Let us know in the comments below!

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