7 Best Success Books I Read So Far in 2017

01. September 2017

If you want to become a super successful individual and the best version of yourself, do not rely on traditional education alone. Schooling only lasts for so long and it teaches you very select things. You will not learn the art of discipline in a classroom, you will learn it by actually doing it.

You must develop the skill of discipline and use that skill to read each day.

Below are the seven best books on success that I’ve read this year. They all have shaped and continue to shape who I am today. I implore you to read these books and am sure they will change your perspective, if not your life entirely.

The most successful people in the world not only read a lot, but they implement what they read. Passive reading is nothing compared to actively reading. Passive reading is reading without taking notes or highlighting. It will motivate you and you may learn some things, but you will soon forget.

Be an active reader. One who can always go back to their notes and relearn what they may have forgotten over time.

P.S. The books are in no particular order.

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

I would like to go out on a limb and say this is the best book ever written for dealing with people. Many of us avoid this subject because we feel it cannot be taught (I used to be that person). But was I wrong! This book is action packed with tons of useful tips, backed up by facts and personal anecdotes that help us really learn the information.

Dale Carnegie definitely had a firm grasp on human nature, and just by implementing one of his methods, you will enrich your life immediately. This book is not catered for a specific type of person, but for the community at large. Everyone deals with people everyday, so this book has no bounds and is universally applicable. I am practicing five of his virtues this month, and every month I hope to build more to my list.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Although fiction, it is a story that epitomizes the American Dream. It is about a young boy, a shepherd, who traverses lands and learns from others. He has big dreams, but can never seem to bring them to light, until one day, when he makes a choice.

While working on his dream, he encounters many problems. There were times when he thought about giving up. But his vision was more powerful than his excuses.

We can learn from this book that tough times are inevitable, but they should not stop us. He knew the universal language, and that language states that enthusiasm towards your goal can triumph any problem. When you change your perspective in life, from one of pessimism towards that of excitement, black and white seem to change into colors, meaning you have the ability to turn even the most dismal moments into great opportunities.

Go out there and find out why you are on this Earth… Explore!


I Will teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

A book everyone should read. Ramit takes a banal and cumbersome concept (personal finance) and makes it immensely exciting and worth reading. I learned a lot from him, whether it was about retirement plans or managing my credit card. Most people in the world have a bad credit and do not know the exact steps to reach an 800 credit score.

While reading this book, you will learn the fundamentals of managing your finances. You will be able to setup a system to move forward and increase your credit along with your financial IQ. This book is a great first step towards mastering your financial life.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

Another world-renowned book on success. Napoleon Hill has written the success bible. I read this book at the beginning of 2017 and what stood out to me most, even until this day, is the power of mindset. We are what we think about. The forgoing sentence is so important that I want you to read it again. Too many do not actively focus on the positive. We instead, listen to all the pessimistic garbage in the world and allow it to enter our minds.

Our mindset dictates how we can see everything! That is why you must control it to the best of your ability; your mind is your palace, do not let intruders come in and sway your positive outlook. Life’s obstacles are tough, but with the guidance of books like these, they will not be enough to stop you.


The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

This book is short, but short is sometimes great, or even profound (which this book most certainly is). It highlights the principles of creating wealth. The principles taught in this book are perpetual – they are not going away. They are the same now and as they were 5,000 years ago.

The elements from this book are: to make money, invest that money in assets, and keep reinvesting. This is a simple concept, but one that most lack today. If each one of us took the time to read this book, it could change our financial and personal lives.

These few parables have changed my life; the stories inside this book center around archaic Babylon but nevertheless they have not lost their relevance today. If we all applied these principles, the world would be a much better place.


The Success System That Never Fails by W. Clement Stone

This is the ultimate sales book, or the second best, just behind How to Win Friends & Influence People. There are many prominent topics to speak about regarding sales, and Mr. Stone does a great job. What I found to be the most impactful concept from this book was that you must control your environment – watch who you hangout with, like the old adage goes, “birds of a feather, flock together”.

The most important aspect from this book is that you have to become a daily self-builder. Work on yourself daily and strive to achieve what you have set out to achieve. There is little room for partaking in trivialities, so focus on the big picture, and you will soon reap the rewards.


Why “A” Students Work For “C” Students by Robert Kiyosaki

I have read this book 4 times, and I plan on reading it again. Robert Kiyosaki, although not the best writer, (he doesn’t care, he admits it) is truly a game changer with regards to personal finance. He breaks down in laymen’s terms how to be successful in life and the ideas you have to live by in order to do so.

His goal is to give us financial education. He teaches the three different types of income: ordinary, portfolio and passive. Most people have never heard of passive income, or if they had, they certainty do not practice it. The stigma with it is one of “hard to get” or “it is out of my reach”.

The reason the masses believe this is because the rich run our financial system and they do not want to share the knowledge of passive income. If they did, that would make what they do not as easy. This is a super-easy, simple to read book that breaks down tough concepts and makes them readable.

Ending Thoughts About Success

You should read each and every one one of these success books. They will change your life, this coming from personal experience and the experiences of others.

Like I said before, it is not enough to read these books for entertainment – you must gain a conceptual understanding and actually implement them into your life. No one is going to make you do this. You have to hold yourself accountable. Take time aside each day to learn more and never become satisfied.

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