Do You Have These 6 Things In Common With Super Successful People?

01. September 2017

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“Making a true decision means committing to achieving a result, and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility” – Tony Robbins

Do you want to become a huge success in your life? Then it’s time to study successful people. Many of us believe that the people who are a major success must have been born with many privileges, are a product of luck or even worse, that they became a success without putting in the work required.

I want you to know that success is not an accident. Success is the product of a decision. A real, true-blooded decision. Every person who has ever been a success has done so by creating a vision and having the work ethic to carry out that vision.

The best way to become a success is to first study super successful people. And when I say study, I mean active studying rather than passive studying. Passive studying is when you read about their life and what they did, feeling inspired for a short while and gaining some information.

While active studying is breaking down their successes to find out their overarching mindset and habits, and taking those habits and adding them into your own life. After reading and analyzing the top people throughout history, I have broken down the top six success principles for all to see.

Are you Hyper-focused?

The ability to focus is rare in the 21st century. Back in ancient and medieval times, there wasn’t any real distractions in life. Everything was calm and town-oriented. That gave people the time to read for hours, write for hours and plan for hours.

Their focus was untethered. Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves inside of an epidemic. This epidemic is called ‘multi-tasking’. Multi-tasking is not real. There are numerous studies to back it up as well. If you want to achieve true, everlasting success, you are going to need to train your mind to focus on one thing for hours.

You need to remove all distractions from your mind and channel your full energy into the task at hand. Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Kobe Bryant are some well known people that can practice their craft for hours at a time without distraction. They do not get sidetracked by their phone, social media television or what others are doing. They live by their internal clock. Each day they intentionally put time aside into bettering themselves and working their craft.

If you are someone who struggles with this, start by setting aside 20 minutes every day, at a set time, doing that ONE THING that will  jump-start your success. That one thing is different for everyone. And as you become better, add more time. When you are able to do 2 or more hours of intense focus at a time, you are on your way towards Greatness.

Are You Unbreakable?

Today’s society needs to man up. The most successful people of all time go through problems on a daily basis and they do not let those problems get in the way of their vision. Their vision for their life and who they want to be as a person is not something that can be broken by the opinions of others. They respect others opinions but they never let them override that of their own inner-voice.Do You Have These 6 Things In Common With Super Successful People?

The fact is you should never be deterred by the insults from others or from everyday problems. When you come across a problem, before freaking out or complaining, put that problem into one of two categories: either it’s a blip or a catastrophe. A catastrophe is a death, a natural disaster or something of that nature while a blip is everything else. That automatically puts you in the right mindset when dealing with your problems.

Make it your mission, from this day forth, to wear an exterior of steel. To become impregnable in the face of opposition and stay true to who you are and your life’s mission. If you can do that, you will become someone more powerful than you ever could of imagined. You will respected by your opponents and those on rooting for you, for you are changing our natural human tendencies of giving into fear and opposition. This is the path of the legend.

Do You Avoid Negative People?

I want you to take an IN-DEPTH look into your friend group. And I mean an intense analyzation of your friend group, and you will see your destiny. Chances are that you share similar habits, lifestyles and status in life. Now this can be a great thing or a horrible thing. It just depends on who your friends are.

Are they people who lack goals, party often and drink every weekend or are they people who have goals written down, are work horses and are people of character? Your answer should be clear and if it’s the wrong kind of group, leave.

The number of friends you have means nothing. The only thing that matters is their value and who they are as a person. Seek to hangout and surround yourselves with life’s Lions, while ignoring all the sheep that try to seep into your life. As the old adage states, who you surround yourself with is a profound testament of who you will become.

Are You Intentional?

Successful people are intentional. While the majority of people wake up with no purpose, the successful are working their plan. They do not ‘float’ through life or let life ‘take them’ in any direction. Th successful know where they are going and will let nothing get in their way.

The successful plan their day the night before and then work their plan the following day. They wake up at the same time everyday, no matter how they are feeling. They have specific goals and work hard every single day to accomplish those goals. If this doesn’t sound like you, make it a goal of yours to write down your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Every day you should be waking up with a purpose in mind and your day should be oriented towards that purpose.

Do You Set goals?

Why is writing a goal on paper so easy to do yet so hard to actually accomplish? It’s because you are acting like a sheep. A sheep rarely writes their goals down, but for the few sheep that do, they usually just forget about them in a week’s time, but I know this isn’t you. You are the rare Lion amongst sheep, and when a Lion writes a goal down, they will work like hell to accomplish it. They do not fool around or let their particular ‘circumstance’ dictate if they are going to get their goals done. Why?

Because when they write a goal, they go after it with everything they have. They do not write goals just to write goals. They write down their goals knowing they will accomplish them in the timeframe of their choose. The successful do not entertain their own excuses or anyone else’s for that matter. They focus on their results and have the right judgement to see if they are staying true to their course.

Promise yourself this: I will complete my top 3 goals for the month by working hard every single day. No excuses.

Do You read?

Reading is the ultimate power source. That is, if you know how to use it. So many people complain that they don’t know how to become successful, they are lost on where to start and what’s the best path to take. Well the answer is simple: READ. Read biographies, mindset books and success books.Do You Have These 6 Things In Common With Super Successful People?

Reading gives you the power to learn from the most successful people who ever lived. By reading about them, you are living vicariously through their lives and you get to experience how they were able to become a success. I can hear some of you saying that you do not have time to read. I get it. We only have 24 hours a day and you have a full time job, are a student and have a family. If the average CEO can read 40 – 60 books a year, so can you.

Throughout history, the brightest of minds and men of accomplishment were readers. Think of men like Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, J.P Morgan – there are many others. They realized, from an early age, that reading is the elusive power source that provides the fast-road to success. They had the foresight that if they started to reading now, they will be ahead of the game in a few years time.

Being Successful is Up to You

The time has come to step your game up to a whole other level. If you aspire to be like the men in this article, then the foolishness has to stop. The 21st century dictates that it is okay for adults to act like children. It normalizes that you can live with your parents and still be playing the same childhood games you played when you were in your teens.

How does this plague stop? It stops with you putting your foot down and vowing to act like the man you were always born to be. No more playing it small. No more trying to ‘fit in’ with the majority and no more acting like a child in an adult body.

Take these 6 habits and implement them into your own life and leave nothing to chance. Create your vision and work towards it every damn day while routining asking yourself: “would the Greats be doing what I am doing?”. And if you know they would not, change.

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