Five Reasons To Live Like A Roman

01. September 2017

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We live in a world where people need safe spaces. A place where the divorce rate is at fifty percent. Our society is being divided because people need ‘entitlement.’ The millennial generation is content on superficial relationships and mediocrity.

During the later third of the BC’s, Alexander the Great conquered the world by age 32. There’s still 32-years-old living at home with their parents. When did we lose our sense of what it means to be a man? We let others disrespect us and then going running off without settling it.

The world is scared of hurting people’s feelings. Someone might get mad at me if I say this to them. Do you think this would’ve happened during the Roman Empire?

The wealthy are bashed, even though they donate large sums of money.

People are stopped from chasing their dreams. If you wanted to be known as leader or warrior in Rome, you made it known. You didn’t sit on your couch wishing it would happen.

We can learn a great deal from the Roman Empire, both the successes and the failures. We should each try to mimic the traits of the Romans into our own life. They were fearless, brave, precise and knew what it took to win.

How They Viewed Love

Love is powerful. It can make even the strongest man weak in his knees. Throughout the Roman Empire, love was viewed as a weakness. You never married someone because you loved them, you married them because it gave you an advantage in life.

Not that you shouldn’t get married. It’s saying many people get married for the wrong reason. They sense pressure by their friends and family. They marry the wrong person just get the worry over. A Roman would never do such a thing.

When you’re looking for your life partner, are you searching for someone who will lift you? Who you marry is the most important choice of your life. They will have a direct impact on whether you will be successful or not. You spend the most time with this person.

Find someone who has dreams and aspirations. Someone who isn’t negative or wastes time. This person is out there, but it’s unlikely to be the first woman you meet. Strike up conversations with many women and see if any of them peak your interest. You know in five minutes of talking to a woman if she’s right for you.

The Romans were opposed to divorce. With divorce rate high, it’s nothing new to hear of someone getting divorced. Divorce happens because you don’t take the time to find the right partner. Even when times are tough, you make that relationship work.

Having an affair is becoming more common in the workplace. If a man or woman was prosecuted for adultery during the Roman Empire, they’d have to give up half their property if not all of it and weren’t allowed to marry a freeborn citizen again.

Didn’t Hide Their Feelings

In today’s society, if you dislike someone you tell others behind their back. During the Roman times, you’d gather your legions together and go off to war with that other person. If you didn’t have legions, you’d go into a combat battle with that person.

Facing your enemies is how you gained respect. The Romans weren’t scared of hurting each other’s feelings. Your reputation was based on your bravery. Standing down in front of an enemy wasn’t bravery.

If someone does something you don’t prefer, tell that person. Don’t suppress that feeling. You will gain respect.

Don’t lie to others no matter how hard the truth is. If you had a strategy to go against another army or start a business and it didn’t work, you didn’t make an excuse. You collected your thoughts and went through how you will attack again.

To show your feelings doesn’t mean to be disrespectful. You tell the other person in a polite tone how you’re feeling. The Romans would let each person speak their mind. They didn’t settle a disagreement through text or on the phone, it was in person.

Wanted Power

Every Roman wanted to have power. They wished to have a better life. They understand that if they wanted something, they’d work for it. Nothing would be handed to them.

People wish to get a promotion because they’ve worked in the same job for six months or a year. New entrepreneurs jump from business idea to business idea. There are people who are content with being average.

Even the lowest class in Rome didn’t want to stay there. It’s acceptable today to work a mediocre job.

A Roman made a name for himself or herself. They’d take advice from their most trusted allies. People take advice from everyone. The Romans took advice from those who’d shown the results.

The Roman army took over other countries because they wanted all the power. They didn’t wish to be an ‘alright’ country. In Rome, they desired power because with power came respect.

Donated Large Sums Of Money

We think being in the middle-class is good, something to be grateful for. You can’t help anyone if you only have enough money to help yourself. You can’t provide jobs or donate to the charity you’d prefer to help.

In Rome, if you made vast amounts of money, you were expected to put that money to use. The wealthy would help with infrastructure, paying the army and more. They viewed this a necessity to everyday life.

It’s a notion today that making too much money is a terrible thing. This holds people back from going after their dreams because they’re scared of being ‘different.’

You should amass as much money as you can while also living a life you enjoy. Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome enjoyed seeing his wonderful city being built because he donated the money.

A wealthy Roman would go to the senate to seek approval on a job; buildings, roads, fountains. If the request was denied, they’d use their own money. By having money, you have the power to do what you want and help who you wish.

Took Their Time

If you desired to go to battle against an opponent, the Romans would take their time. Sometimes wars would go on for years. Wars would start and be broken up because they time wasn’t ideal. The Romans were strategic with their time.

People expect that if they start a business, they should make $100,000 within the first year. In Rome you earned that $100,000, it wasn’t given to you. You earned money through hard work and bettering the lives of others.

If you wanted an advancement in the Roman army, you’d have to show your bravery during battle. You didn’t go up to your general and ask him to rank you higher just because you’ve been in the army longer than others.

Be patient. Don’t expect overnight success. The work you put in today will give you a better future tomorrow.

Why do you want to live like a Roman? Tell us in the comments below!

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