How to Attract Women Like a Lion

01. September 2017

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Whoever said chivalry is dead was right. These days, it’s not about being her worshiping knight; that’s just spooky and over-eager. To truly win the heart (and treasures) of the fair dames, you need to become someone she admires and respects. Just like you, women like to feel like they’ve won a person’s attraction, not like it came as easily as a fortune cookie with Chinese takeout. They want to feel like they’ve earned it!

Unlike what you might’ve been told, the rewarding road to her affections is not by being a jackass. That is, unless of course, you don’t mind reeling in an insecure nut-job who’s probably also an ugly crier anyways– no thanks. It’s about maintaining a balance between playing the confident catch and the semi-sweet lover.  You should be in the middle if you want to play the game of thrones– with you being on top as the king lion and her kneeling at your feet, hopefully…

So are you ready to rule? Let’s see how it’s done.

The art of confidence

Being confident means behaving with certainty. There’s no room for second guessing yourself with beautiful women. You’ve got to believe that you’re just as great and have a handful of reasons to warrant her desire and attention. If you roll with that self-belief, she’ll buy into what you’re selling.

So, does this mean you can’t still be chivalrous and do things like holding a door? Sure you can, but do it like you own the place. There’s a difference between being the desperate tail-chaser and the charming Casanova– which one are you?

Nonverbal communication

Body language is the crux of being a good seducer. You’d be surprised to learn how influential these silent but deadly cues can be. The way you strut, gesture or even glance can be the difference between making a mediocre impression and being an alpha lion.

Consider how you enter a bar for instance. Are you the guy who struts in wearing his best kicks, nodding to all the waitresses he knows and then slips into the best seat in the house, saved especially for him? Be that guy! He’s the one who commands authority and respect, inviting women to not only take him seriously but develop instant attraction.

Losers, on the other hand, will waver in these social skills. They may lack eye contact, talk timidly and keep their sweaty palms in their pockets– all signs of an insecure guy. So, if you want to convince her you’re the man, you need to act, move and believe you’re actually the man! Period.

How to apply it

This approach to confidence can also be applied to tons of dating situations. If you’re taking a woman out for the typical drinks or dinner scenario, show her that you’re well-groomed in the art of talking to beautiful ladies. What does this mean? Right away, show her this isn’t your first rodeo; act casually, almost as if pretty women are a dime a dozen, and assertively mention what you like about the venue, then suggest some drinks. You can also compliment her on something that’s clearly trending among most girls lately, hinting that you’re a connoisseur of females, which leaves her wondering where she stands within your sea of experience. If you can create this feeling, you’ve mastered your display of confidence.

Verbal communication

The goal of your verbal communication is to maintain an even playing field. So, if you’re stuck with a cocky chick who’s all gassed up in her glory, you should know how to cleverly flip the script on her, taking away her edge. To put this in play, you must create the understanding that she has to earn you– not the other way around! This role-reversal is surprisingly easy if you know some simple verbal cues.

Yet, keep in mind, none of these strategies will work if you don’t assert your status. Simply put, you need to target a woman’s need for approval. All women want to feel special and validated in some way. By satisfying that need, you’ll establish a favorable power dynamic that makes her much more attracted to you. Here’s how to do it!

How to apply it

First you have to set yourself up as someone impressive enough to create flattery. If she doesn’t care about you, your approval will carry little meaning for her. Yet, if you create the impression that you’re confident and choosy, she’ll want to be one of the lucky girls to catch your attention. Here are some things you can say to create this interest:

It’s nice to be with a women who can actually hold a conversation. Wow–brains and beauty, I may have found a winner.”

This comment makes her wonder about how many beautiful women you’ve dated and how much you value brains over beauty. She’ll then wonder which category she meets most. Now, you’ve gained control.

“It’s refreshing being out with a brunette for a change; my mom always says I should be dating them.”

(This line can be swapped for blondes) Now she’s immediately wondering if she measures up to your typical taste in women. Boom! You’ve taken away her edge.

You get the idea here.  And you don’t have to be good looking to pull it off, seriously! On a primitive level, women simply want to be with the man who demonstrates strength and status. In the animal kingdom, the fiercest lion gets his pick of the feline babes, so basically, you need to be the top lion.

Dress to undress her

You know when people say, “It’s not about the size, it’s how you use it?” The same logic applies to how you dress; it’s not about your looks, it’s about how you present them. In truth, dressing is probably one of the most underused tools of attraction. Ultimately, the key to undressing her is to properly dress yourself.

There are many guys who think they’re great dressers with their try-hard collar shirts and gag-worthy cologne, but in reality, they’re repelling women like crazy. In many cases, you can turn off a woman by accidentally wearing an outfit that suggests desperation. If your expensive Armani shirt is practically screaming, “Please sleep with me, I’m thirsty”, she won’t be going home with you– unless maybe you’re Zac Efron holding a puppy. So, that being said, it’s safer to under-dress just a bit. However, at the same time, you also don’t want your look to seem too laid back and careless.

So, the question is: are you the frump-dump that rolls up wearing track pants and a Metallica shirt or do you have a trendy outfit that commands respect? You choose.

The art of flirtation

A true master of flirtation will use compliments to take a woman’s guard down. When used properly, they can prove extremely effective in creating attraction.

When we talk about compliments, we mean the genuine, heart-melting ones– not the backhanded digs taught by most failed “players”. This approach is for amateurs and only works on young, insecure girls– hopefully, you can aim higher.

Before giving a compliment, you must remember, as mentioned earlier, to assert yourself as having authority and status in order to give credibility to your compliment. Essentially, for the compliment to work, she needs to want you in the first place. Once you’ve established yourself as a confident guy, she’ll be putty in your hands after she’s heard some of your well-chosen compliments. It’ll be like handing out doggy treats to a hungry puppy. She has no chance!

How to sweeten her up

To get a smile on her face, you need to play nice– at least a little. But it’s not the type of nice where you’re idolizing her or kissing the ground she walks on; it’s a smug, semi-sweet type of nice where she’s manipulated into feeling vulnerable around you. The trick is making her feel both safe and adorable by babying her a bit– yes that’s right, you’ve got to give her the bae treatment, at least a little taste of it. She’ll have no choice but to feel like your princess and that’s when her castle walls come crashing down, boys!

In reality, of course, you’re just disguising your filthy needs with a bow, along with ruffles, and some sparkles to boot. Women are suckers for this approach. They don’t even know it. They love feeling like they’re your special gem or that one in a million girl. Here are some phrases that can instantly make her feel like the “good girl” in your eyes, buttering her up to the point of being blindsided… but careful, she may fall in love.

“What adorable nail polish you have. Did you do that for me, cutie?”

” LOOK at this face! Have you ever seen such a face!”

” Awe, muffin, you have the cutest cheeks when you smile”

Use these lines on the “princess”, so the dragon comes out– and it needs to be slayed– hard! At the end of the day, she wants it; she just needs the right “prince” to bring it out.

Not only will these strategies make women more attracted to you, they will create a ripple effect. Nearby ladies will take notice of your inner lion, and start pining to be your queen of your jungle (or the tigress in the backseat of your car– whatever “royal realm” she’ll settle for).

Stay mighty, boys!

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