How To Create A Successful Podcast… Even With No Experience

01. September 2017

I will let you in on a secret. You don’t have to have any experience to build a successful podcast. Actually, you don’t need to know anything about podcasting to build a successful podcast.

When I started our Become The Lion podcast, I did not understand what I was doing. I didn’t let that stop me from continuing on and the podcast is still going strong today.

I’ve learned a lot since launching our podcast but most importantly, I learned that it doesn’t matter who you are, you can start a successful podcast. You don’t need to have a huge budget or any connections to start. All you need is yourself.

Choose A Topic You’re Passionate About

When you’re starting your podcast, you should NEVER be in it to make money. Podcasting takes work. If you go in with the mindset you will make money right away, you’ll give up. Unless you’re someone like Tim Ferriss who already has a large following, then it’ll take you time to build a community.

You’ll want to choose a topic you’re passionate about when starting your podcast. It may seem simple but you should hone in on the guests you want for your podcast.

Initially, I thought I only wanted successful entrepreneurs. I learned early on that there are successful people out there who aren’t entrepreneurs who have an amazing story to share with your audience.

I was able to interview Rachele Brooke Smith, a Hollywood actress for our podcast and she delivered so much value. From our second interview, I learned that I shouldn’t hold our podcast to just entrepreneurs.

With our podcast, I learned that I’m passionate about hearing how people became successful in different areas of life. We had Charlie Brenneman on our podcast; he was a fighter in the UFC. He took us into the mindset needed to step into the octagon with the best fighters in the world. With his mindset, our audience can use it to become successful in any endeavor.

I try to have a unique set of guests for our show that are saturated around what it takes to become successful.

This isn’t to say that the topic you have for your podcast can’t change. Recently, I’ve been interested in learning how successful bloggers monetize their blog. We’re having Michelle from on our podcast. Her blog is on pace to do over $1 million in revenue this year.

Having a podcast is the perfect medium to talk to guests about a topic you wouldn’t normally have the chance to talk to them about.

Get Good Equipment

When starting your podcast, getting good equipment shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if you’re starting your podcast on a budget, this shouldn’t hold you back from getting the proper equipment.

To start your podcast, you will want to purchase a microphone.

If you’re on a budget, we recommend using the USB Microphone by Fifine. This is an inexpensive microphone you can purchase for $21.99 on amazon.

A lot of podcast professionals prefer to use the Blue Yeti microphone. It’s more expensive at $129.00.

At Become The Lion, we use the Audio Technica USB at2020 microphone. The Microphone is around the same price as the Blue Yeti at $128.00.

Besides your microphone, you will want to invest in a pop filter. A pop filter gives your interview sound quality more noise protection, allowing your podcast to sound natural and smooth.

You can purchase a dragon pad pop filter for $8.87.

If you’re on a budget, you can purchase a foam ball for your mic. The foam ball for your mic is $2.95.

If you decide to go all in on your podcast, we recommend getting a mixer. A podcast mixer gives you more control over the audio quality of your podcast. It gives you the option to record your interview somewhere else besides your call recorder.

For a mixer, we recommend purchasing the Behringer Channel Mixer for $39.99.

Use Your Podcast To Help To Others

With the start of your podcast, your goal should be to help others. You’re given the opportunity to impact the lives of others. Over time, you’ll be able to be credited as an authority in your niche.

There are people who listen to your every word. Are you telling them the truth and not sugar coating anything? With your podcast, you should be as open as possible. People want to see your authenticity. They don’t want to see someone who makes themselves out to be perfect.

When you’re starting your podcast, your focus should be on helping your audience and not yourself. When I come up with questions to ask our guests, I always ask myself if our audience will find my questions valuable. People’s time is sacred. They won’t want to listen to your podcast if you spend thirty minutes talking about nothing useful.

Something else you should take into consideration is that you shouldn’t have a podcast for the sake of having one. Because podcasting is hard, it’ll be tough to continue over the course of a year. What problems are you going to solve on your podcast?

If you help solve other people’s problems, they’ll be will likely to share your podcast with others. This is how you grow your podcast and develop an audience that can’t wait for your next episode.

You can ask your audience about what type of problems they’re having. From the responses they tell you, you can bring guests onto your show to talk about that subject.

I noticed that when I did an interview with RSD Max; it received double the amount of downloads as compared to our normal episodes. That told me I needed to get more dating and relationship coaches on our podcast. Sometimes it’s not what you want but rather what your audience wants.

iTunes Advantage

I made the mistake of not using iTunes to our advantage when starting our Become The Lion podcast. While it isn’t the end of the world, it made it harder to grow our audience. I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made.

When you launch your podcast, there’s a critical eight week period. In that 8 week period, your goal is to get into the iTunes New and Noteworthy section. The Section is pictured below:

The iTunes New and Noteworthy section is prime real estate into getting as many organic downloads for your podcast as possible. You get into the section during the first 8 weeks of your podcast. After that, you can no longer get in the section.

When you’re launching your podcast, you’ll want to release 5 episodes the first day. When your release 5 episodes the first day, your download numbers will be 5x as a great as compared to if you only released one episode. Don’t worry, I only released one episode per week for the first two months :). If you happen to forget, you can still create a successful podcast. But to make it easier on yourself, make sure you release at least 5 episodes your first day.

Besides getting into the iTunes New and Noteworthy section, you’ll want to use iTunes SEO to your advantage.

You will want to make sure you put your guests’ name in the title of your podcast episode. If someone is searching your guest under podcasts, your podcast will show up because it’s associated with that guest.

When you’re crafting your podcast title, you’ll want to create an intriguing headline. Think of the news industry, would they sell their papers if they had boring headlines?

In the description of your podcast, you’ll want to include common phrases that people would search. In the description of our podcast, we say, “Give you the motivation you need to start your first business, gain confidence, improve your self-development, grow your income, and become the entrepreneur you were always meant to be!” With our description, I tried to include as many keywords as possible.

Structure Your Podcast

This shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re starting your podcast. You want to make sure that your podcast is structured. I’ve listened to podcasts without structure and they aren’t fun. Unless you’re Joe Rogan, you should have a structure for your podcast.

When you’re structuring your podcast, this is the flow for how your show will go. For our show, I always ask the same few questions during the interview and then see where it will go.

Once I can sense that the interview is coming to an end, I start with the Lion’s Round which a brief segment of three questions that closes our interview. When someone is listening to your interview, they’ll pick up on the questions you ask and when you’re drawing near the end of the interview. If you keep it too open, you could waste people’s time.

Besides structuring your podcast interview, you’ll want to have a set schedule for when you want to release your podcast episodes. This can change as you go on. In the beginning, I’d release one podcast episode per week, then two and now we do three. Whatever you do, be consistent.

They key to structure for your podcast is consistency.

Don’t Wait To Get Started

If I could leave you with one piece of advice from this article, I’d tell you to start your podcast as soon as possible. It hasn’t just changed our business but it changed my life. With our podcast, I’ve been able to talk to guests I never would’ve had the chance with and even made some lifelong friends.

Starting your podcast may not be easy but if you continue on, you’ll gain the momentum that leads to your success.

The hardest part of your podcast will be the starting process. Once you start your podcast and release your first episode into the world, it gets easier from there. Think about how your podcast can positively impact the world!

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Let us know in the comments!

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