How To Get More Summer Flings

01. September 2017

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The fiercest lion always uses seeks high-quality prey. So, if you’re hoping to track down some tasty meat this summer, you’ll need to treat your next summer get-together as more than just a run-of-the mill BYOB party. Rather, you should think of it as a performance art. Are you good at acting? Learn it. Being impressive, and doing it well, means you can’t just be loud, obnoxious and lust over hotties. Like James Bond, you should exude a strong feel-good energy, creating a magnet force that ensures you get more summer flings.

The only question that remains is this: how well do you impress those around you? If your mantra to social settings doesn’t exactly scream “Carpe Diem”, then maybe you should reconsider the success rate of your current seduction strategy. Life is too short to be sitting it out on the sidelines. So, whether you’re winging it with the guy team or competing solo, you’ll need to execute each play (or ambush) like a lion. Are you ready to prance? Let’s learn the vital dos and the don’ts for mastering summer flings.

The Dos for Attracting Summer Flings

Be a Good Guy

Be kind to everyone at any summer event and flirt with all types of women: old women, plain ones women, shy ones, everyone! Why? Well, consider any ladies’ man you admire, and ask yourself this: does he treat ordinary women any differently from the gorgeous ones? He doesn’t– that’s the trick!

The lesson here is that if you’re a well-rounded and charming guy, who doesn’t discriminate based on looks, you’ll have many more positive interactions in general, creating a ripple-effect that will attract the women you actually want. On the other hand, if you focus all your energy and attention on the prettiest dolls in the room, your shallowness and insincerity will become obvious.

Women are intuitive creatures and can tell when you’re snubbing average-looking women to make room for the glamorous ones. So instead,  be likeable during all your social interactions to become more consistently attractive as a person. When you present yourself as a genuinely good guy (with game),  your talent for flirtation skyrockets. Suddenly,  there’s a power shift in your interactions with women, leaving them craving your attention — not the other way around!

Carry Goodies at all Times

Girls love surprises, so why not come prepared? The next time you’re out in the city or at a party, always have little trinkets like bracelets or lollipops in your pockets. Chicks love this stuff; it feeds on their basic instinct to be babied and pampered.

Once you set your sights on your target lioness, show her how adorably charming you are by offering her a small token your affection. You’re essentially the lion leaving his scent for the female, priming her for the inevitable. Just don’t be creepy in your approach– friendly and cool is the way to be. And keep an eye out for the ones who ask for second helpings– they’re ripe for the chase. Tick them off as an option.

You can also weasel your way into some new introductions at house parties by bringing fruit beverages to mix with the liquor. Not masculine, you say? Well, watch the guy who does this and become inspired! Men who can play mixologist with the ladies, and do it with style, become more intriguing and desirable. You can whip up all sorts of fun little alcoholic treats for the ladies; it engages them, excites them and most importantly, keeps them interested.

Confidence– Fake It Until You Make It

Be yourself, but with truckloads of confidence– if you lack it, fake it. But, don’t oversell your mojo because being too phony turns women off. It often comes across as awkwardly intense and obnoxious– translation: you’re sexually frustrated and yapping at women like a hungry puppy who would roll over in a heartbeat for a tummy rub. Not cool. So, if you want to play it right and be swarmed with female attention, you’ll need to have an authentic “it factor”.

All people, especially women, love surrounding themselves with charismatic people. Positivity loves company. Be the guy with his head held high and emits body language that says, “ I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you’d sleep with me.” That’s raw confidence right there. Sell it!

Play Outdoor Sports

Getting down and dirty with sports is one of the most organic ways to entice female attention.  At summer get-togethers, make a point of starting a sports game– football is ideal, the more rugged and physical, the better! Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also have a chance to demonstrate that you’re a manly jock-strap hell of a man. For a single woman on a hot summer day, there’s nothing like a pumped-up display of testosterone to get her lady juices flowing. Let them watch and see them flock!

Be a Good Host

Even if you’re not the one throwing the party, you probably know enough people to get everyone laughing and chatting. Why not be the one to generate a positive and lively atmosphere?  This way, when the newcomer cutie feels unattended, you’ll be the one taking her under your paw, acting as her guide. You’re the king lion who’s leading the timid fair maiden around the lay of his land.

Use this scenario as an opportunity openly show off your connections and friends. You’ll demonstrate your likeability, making you more attractive to her. You’ll also be conveying your status, authority, and may even end up giving her a detour of the castle for a “royal slumber”  … who knows.

The Don’ts For Attracting Summer Fling

Dress Like an Ignoramus

Being a great catch is less noticeable if you don’t look the part. For starters, don’t wear plaid— not unless you’re a graffiti artist or a farmer! The so-called lumberjack trend of 2014 made plaid shirts a hit among the average joe, and since then, tons of guys have made it their go-to for almost every casual occasion. Now, like sheep, all the fashionably ignorant guys follow suit. It’s shameful.

Listen up—if you decide to wear a plaid shirt, a hoard of other clueless cookie-cutter dopeheads will be wearing this same tired look, mistaking it for good style. You’re welcome. Consider yourself enlightened.

Hesitate to Make Waves

Never make a subtle entrance—save mediocrity for those lonely nights with War Craft and social media stalking. When you walk into a social scene, make your presence known—slap high fives to your buddies, wave to old acquaintances, hug the host—be that guy!

You should have that magnetic aura; be the one who’s most approachable, the one with the most intoxicating energy in the room. You’ll notice that women, like a herd of alert dear, will raise their curious little ears to hear what’s coming. They sense danger, boys– something they pretend to fear but love to endure– truth!

Go Shirtless

Never take off your shirt in public, even if you’re outside and it’s boiling. You could have the chiseled six-pack of an Olympian god and it wouldn’t matter; this rule still applies. Some things are just better left to the imagination. You’re not Magic Mike or a slutty male supermodel, so there’s no crucial reason to act like a stripper. Otherwise, you seem way too bent on showing off your body. Maybe you’re overcompensating? Tiny nether regions, perhaps?

Guys who are too eager to bare their goods will appear sleazy, not sexy. Plus, you may appear a tad insecure; a truly confident guy knows he has dozens of great attributes and doesn’t need to resort to primitive nudity to get his point across to women– unless it’s mating time in the lion’s den, obviously. For everywhere else, keep it classy. Shirt on.

Be a Jerk

Taming your inner jerk does not come easily for everyone. It requires patience, maturity ,and the discipline to be silent whenever some ditz or know-it-all feminist tries to numb your mind with conversation. Just breathe. Don’t be rude; hold back your urge to tease her– unless it’s in a fun, playful way.  Let some other guy be the bully, but never you be the one to kill the mood.

Your conduct may also need curbing if you’re prone to jackass body language.  Don’t be the sloppy, beer-guzzling jock, the guy who thinks using girls as an elbow rest is a good pick-up tactic. No. Bad game. The jerk approach is a dying art, plus it’s only effective with young, ignorant girls who are still too inexperienced to realize they deserve better than being rattled and degraded. Since you’re tracking down worthier prey, you’ll want to put your best paw forward.

By following these codes of awesomeness, you’ll bulldoze through those female force fields with ease. You’ll turn a lukewarm woman into a lioness in heat, assuring your cave is never empty. With enough practice, you’ll soon find out that summer flings make great hunting practice to strengthen your skills as king of the forest. Happy feasting, boys.

Stay mighty!

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