How to Get Women Who Are “Out of Your League”

01. September 2017

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Any man that has ever said, “she’s out of my league” was right. You can’t win a woman from the cream of the litter if you’re not up there with her. But what do the “unreachable” leagues really mean? First of all, they’re just an illusion. Secondly, what many guys fail to realize is that feeling equal to a woman is about having the right mindset. Basically, without self-belief, your attraction abilities already die before you even open your mouth.

If you want to be a worthy competitor in the sport of seduction, you must learn the basics; it all comes down to animal behavior. In the lion pride, the strongest male gets mating rights for a good reason. He’s got status, stealth and sexual ardor– all the ingredients you need to dominate your own female feeding frenzy. To rise up in the ranks, and affirm there are no women out of your league, you must become well-groomed in these mating patterns.

The Lion Mindset

There’s no such thing as a woman who’s out of your league. If you don’t believe that, you’ve already lost. In truth, a man can assert himself on any playing field he chooses. As long as he has the right things to offer such as inner strength, confidence, and charisma, he’ll be the one she has to win over. Once, you’ve created this positive, self-empowering mindset, you’re ready to begin your hunting ritual.

Money Matters

The cold, hard truth is that nearly all women care about money. Even the nice, non-judgemental ones who you want to take home to mom– yes, they care about money too! So, you can lie to yourself and believe that chemistry and attraction is all that matters, but that’s plain naive.

In the animal kingdom, women instinctively crave security. They want a man who has all the cards in his deck: the car, the condo, the paycheck– all signs that point to his worthiness as a leader and provider.

Yet, this reality does not mean you should cater to the needs of shallow gold diggers. Hell no!  There’s a difference between a quality woman who deserves to be with a financially stable man, and a half-witted bimbo looking for a meal ticket. Surely, you’re capable of sniffing out the difference.

If you’re not ruling in the game of life or have all the markers of success, you need to work on making upgrades to your routines and habits. You can start by setting goals and working with a life-coach to help pave the way to greatness.

What If I’m Average-Looking or (Yikes) Ugly?

The majority of grown women don’t want just another pretty face. Like you, they want the whole package, but even more so; in her eyes, personality is kryptonite! So, maybe you’ve got some acne scars, a big nose or funny ears. No problem– get over your little quirks, and focus on what you can control– your awesomeness.

Women tend to be more attracted to perceived handsomeness, which is judged by how you act in motion, and expressed through your attitude, charm and overall vibe. It’s much more powerful than objective handsomeness, which is your outer appearance. On its own, objective handsomeness is not enough to produce genuine, long-lasting attraction. This is good news for the average schmo who’s not quite a head-turner.

What If I’m Fat?

If you’re fat, there are many women who don’t care. For the ones that do, there’s a simple solution– start working out! So at least if you’re not exactly Channing Tatum in the looks department, you can still build points with your physical stature.

Shoulders and chest are good areas to focus on, particularly because they’re both strong indicators of masculinity. The lionesses will sniff out your testosterone-infused bod and take notice– they intuitively want to feel protected by a big, burling man. If your physique is sending signals filled with primal sexual energy, she won’t be concerned with a few facial flaws– which you probably notice way more than she does.

What If I’m Bald?

First of all, stop crying about things you can’t control and embrace the look you were born to rock. If your hair is thinning or receding, don’t see it as a weakness, make it your strength! Real men make it work for them–big time! In fact, guys who can confidently embrace their baldness are miles more attractive than men, oozing with thick hair, who get self-conscious about which way the wind blows their perfectly-crafted quiff (or pussy crown).

Which guy do you think is more desirable: the sap who whines about his Hair Club sending the wrong paste, or the bald yet dashing gent who draws in women craving to pet his shiny head? In this case, it’s no contest; the bald eagle will have the women flocking. And his bald cranium won’t be the only head seeing action.

Action star Jason Statham,  dating Victoria’s Secret model, Rosie Huntington Whitley is a hero for any hairless-headed male who thought he had no chance. Statham teaches us to consider this feature an asset. When baldness and confidence are interwoven, you get a distinguished, uniquely sexy vibe that can only be achieved with that unapologetically raw head of yours. If you rock it with pride and a thigh-opening cologne, you’ve got it made.

Besides, what’s so special about rocking a hairdo that can also be worn by an androgynous girl? It certainly doesn’t make you a stud. In fact, many women have admitted that it’s a huge turnoff when a man’s hair needs the same amount of time and effort as hers. No chick wants to be in a beauty competition with her man, so take the high road, and stop pining for what god didn’t give you. If you’re desperately hanging onto what few specs of hair you have left, have some balls and shave it all off! Then, never look back because you’re amazing!

Talk The Talk

As any good seducer knows, most of your game is how you talk to women. If you can believe that you’re doing her a favor by approaching her, you’re already halfway there. Stick with this mindset throughout your entire pursuit and never waiver from this stance.

You know you’re doing it well when your phone storage is full from all the nude pics you’ve collected from eager randoms. In other words, you’re Dane Cook. To be this guy, you need to create the impression that you’re a picky man who’s offering up his rarely-given attention. Here are some clever lines you can use to amp up this image.

“Wow. Your look makes me question my usual type.”

“On a work break. I’m looking for a cute girl to entertain me.”

“Here I am, what are your other 2 wishes?”

“How’s my favorite little brat doing?”

No matter which line you use, always keep it light and playful. If you start out with abrupt sexual flirtation straight away, you’ll scare her off. Women don’t want to be treated like sluts—at least not in the beginning!

Once you become an alpha lion who’s fluent in the language of females, there’s no stopping you. Adopt these ways, and you’ll never roam the streets like a lonely lion.

Drop the Cheap Online Dating Tricks

Posting photos with beautiful women you randomly approached after seven beers is not impressive to anyone. Smart women know better and can see right through this idiocy.  Many guys think it’s a clever manipulation tactic to prove he’s a stud. No surprise here that they’re dead wrong– and also slightly moronic.

Instead, these clownish tricks are seen as a red flag because you’re exposing your fakeness and desperation. It’s like saying, “I’m horny, but let’s pretend I’m sweet, so I can stop paying for my PornHub subscription.” If you think for a second that women are fooled by this child’s play, you’re mistaken. No wonder you end up alone in bed stocking random girls on Instagram and hating your life. Shocker!

These cheap tricks also include posting pictures with your granny or a baby. What sane woman is going to think, “awe, that’s so cute– he must be different than the other thousand other guys on Tinder posing with his baby nephew with the caption: ‘not my kid’ ”. Try to give the fairer sex a little credit; even the dimmest females know better.

So, unless you’re truly a full-fledged grandma’s boy who wears his heart on his sleeve, stop posting these pics. They’re unoriginal and creepishly phony.  Seriously buddy, if this garbage is the best you’ve got, tuck your tail between your legs, and give up now.

Ditch the mentality that anyone is out of your league. You’re the one who’s meant to define the playing field. As an alpha lion, you can plant your own mating forest, dominate your territory and sow your seeds– or spray them everywhere mercilessly. And if she’s a good lioness, she’ll always come back for more, right up there with you in your own league.

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