How To Self-Publish Your First Book In Under 90 Days

01. September 2017

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Each of us has a story that needs to be shared with the world. Whether that is a fiction or non-fiction story, the choice is up to you. Most people don’t share their story with the world for fear of what they believe others would think of them without realizing the people they’d be inspiring.  

Choosing to write your first book can be a form of self-expression, a chance to show your industry you’re an authority figure or the option to drive revenue for your brand.

Whatever book you write, you must have a passion for your subject. To write a book isn’t easy and it can be a challenge, but it can be done. If you write about a subject you don’t care about, you’ll give up.

You may say you don’t possess a book inside of you. You’ve lived, haven’t you? Then write a memoir about yourself. There are endless options from which you can write a book.

What have you done that’s impacted others? You could write on book on gardening or what it’s like to adopt a child. Or you can even write a book like ours: The Daily Lion.

How To Start

To start the process of writing your first book, you will set a date and time for when you can be by yourself.  

Once you have the time and date put in place, it’s time to start the process of writing your first book!

In your quiet spot, take out a piece of paper. Write ideas of what your book could be. This might a favorite hobby, what you’re good at or what you want the world to know.

Pick your idea from the list and create an outline of what you’d like the book to be. This doesn’t need to be perfect. You’ll quickly realize that on the onset of you writing your book, your good ideas will become terrible and vice versa. The outline you create today will look nothing like your finished book.

When creating an outline for your book, write a list of topics you’d like to cover in your book. These will be your chapters.

I recommend that when you write; you write the first and last chapter of the book. This makes it much easier to write the meat of your book.

Write everything you know about the topic you chose for your book. This will be your brain dump. You realize that when you write everything you know for your book, you’ll be able to form chapters.

When you know what you want to write it will make publishing your book much easier.

Once you complete your outline and chapters, it’s time to write your book.

Set A Writing Goal

You will want to have a set place and time to write that’s the same each day. No matter what happens, you always write at that time.

When you write, you will want to set a writing goal. I’d learned to set a writing goal from the best writers today such as Stephen King and Nicholas Sparks.

Both authors would set their daily goal to write around 2,000 words. It didn’t matter how long it would take to write whether it be an hour or five, they always stuck to their goal.

When you’re first starting out, you can set your writing goal to be 500 words per day and then increase it to 1,000 words per day. Set it for what you’re comfortable with.

If you want to write a 60,000-word book and you write five days per week at 1,000 words per day, it’ll take you 3 months to finish your book. You should be able to finish it sooner because you’ll want to write more than 1,000 words per day. 

As you’re writing your book, we recommend using Word but periodically uploading your document to Google Drive in case your computer crashes. You should save your book to an external hard drive if possible.

Before You Can Publish Your Book

After 3 months has passed, it’s time to publish your book!

But before we publish your book, there are more steps we need to go over.

You can read over your book as many times as you’d like but the odds of you still spelling something wrong or having a grammatical mistake are high.

I recommend hiring a high quality proofreader and editor for your book. You can go through an agency which can be expensive. We preferred to use UpWork and hire a freelancer.  

The next step you’ll take is choosing a title and subtitle for your book. Once you have your title and subtitle, you’ll hire someone to make your cover for you.

For your cover, you will want to hire someone who’s designed book covers before and is a professional. Most people judge a book by its cover, it’s human nature. Your cover will impact how well your book sells. You can use UpWork again to find a great designer.

Publishing Your Book

Your book is almost ready to be published.

You need to decide how you will publish your book, whether that will be traditional vs non-traditional.

We went the non-traditional route and self-published our first book. If you publish your book through the traditional way, it could take a few years before you book gets onto shelves. With non-traditional publishing, you get full rights to your book. A publishing house can buy your manuscript from you and change parts of the book to tailor your book to their audience. When you self-publish, you choose what you want in the book and what you wish to keep out.

We used Amazon when self-publishing our book. You have the option to use createspace, kindle direct publishing or acx.

You can use Createspace to publish your book in both paperback and kindle edition, which would be your digital download.

Upload your book cover and manuscript to createspace. When you upload your book, you can hire someone to format your book if you aren’t sure how to do it.

When you use createspace, it’s the fastest way to get your book published. Within a few days, people will be able to buy your book on Amazon.

You’ll be able to get a free ISBN number for your book when you use Amazon’s self-publishing platform. An ISBN is an international standard book number. The ISBN is used by bookstores, retailers, and libraries to identify their books.  

You have the option to create an audiobook version for your book. You can hire someone or do it yourself.

An audiobook is chance for people to buy your book and hear what you have to say. 

Audiobooks are more expensive so you’d be able to make a better net profit than you would through createspace or the kindle edition of your book.

Time To Do Your Marketing

Now that your book is published, it will not sell itself. Remember it’s not called the best-writing book it’s the best-selling book.

If you already have an audience from a blog or podcast, you’ll be able to promote your book there. But eventually the sales will dry up from your audience.

We recommend using Facebook ads to promote your book. You can create a Facebook ad for your book on Canva

You can try get on other people’s podcasts, give speeches on your book and write for bigger blogs. This helps attract people back to your site where they might see your book.

Even if you get your book traditionally published, you can’t rely on them to market your book for you. This where your hustle will come in.

Why go through all this work to publish your first book?

When going through the process of writing a book, you’ll discover who you are. Because when you write a book, you will be spending most of your time thinking and typing by yourself. It’s when you’re in solitude by yourself you can be at peace with who you are.

Once your book is written and published, it’s there forever. It can be read by people hundreds of years from now. This is your chance to share your thoughts and passions with the world.

You dream about writing a book but people will never see that book. Every author in the world started off as someone like yourself.

I’d recommend buying the books: Becoming A Writer and On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft and using the Emotion Thesaurus.

If you’re looking to write and promote more than one book, I recommend checking out: Kindle Money Mastery.

What are you going to write your first book on? Let us know in the comments!

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