How To Start Your First Blog

01. September 2017

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Starting a blog gives you the medium to get your voice heard in the world. You can share your mindset or view of the world with others.

You need to become a writer if you want to be recognized. It doesn’t matter if you failed high school English. Writing, like anything else is a craft you can work on.

Writing Tools

One tool I recommend to help you with your writing is the Pro Writing Aid. It’ll cost you around $40 but it’s worth every penny. I invested in the Pro Writing Aid myself last year and it has helped me become a better writer.

You can also use the free version Grammarly, which is another tool.

For myself, I use the Pro version of the Pro Writing Aid and the free version of Grammarly. Between those two tools, there isn’t a reason you can’t become a proficient writer.

Book Recommendations

Besides the two writing tools mentioned above I recommend reading these two books: Becoming A Writer by Dorothea Brande and On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft by Stephen King

With my writing, I try to evict emotion. For that, I use the Emotion Thesaurus. If your writing becomes too bland, it can be a turn off for a reader. Instead of telling the reader you’re stressed, the emotion thesaurus will help you describe the feeling of being stressed. It helps paint emotions and makes a better connection with your readers.  

When you’re starting your blog, you need to have a topic or something you’re passionate about

Now that you have your passion in mind, it’s time to start your blog!

Select A Service

I believe WordPress is the best site you can create your blog on. WordPress is one of the most popular sites to set up a blog and it’s our favorite. We’ve tried, Shopify, Wix, and WordPress. WordPress was the best.

To set up your first WordPress blog, you will buy your domain name. Your domain name is how people will visit your website.

You can purchase your domain through WordPress. This will cost you about $35 for the entire year.

Hosting Account

Once you have purchased your domain, now it’s time setup a hosting account.

A hosting account is a space to rent out for your business on a server. Think of it as paying rent for a brick and mortar business. Except you’re paying rent to a web-hosting site.  

Don’t worry, hosting your account will only run you a few dollars per month.

While there are thousands of web-hosting sites in the world, we recommend using Bluehost. We believe Bluehost is the best option for most bloggers.

When you work with Bluehost, you’ll realize that they are super reliable. If something ever goes wrong with your account on Bluehost, they have 24/7 support. Another great aspect is that if you need help with setting up your Bluehost account, their company’s support staff are located in the United States.

WordPress itself recommends using Bluehost. There are over 850,000 blogs supported by Bluehost on WordPress.

As we mentioned above, hosting through Bluehost is inexpensive. It’ll cost you between $3.95 and $5.95 a month.

Once you have your domain and Bluehost account set up, now it’s time to install WordPress.

Setting Up Your WordPress Site

Now you’re on the Bluehost site, you will want to scroll to the “website” section. From there, you will click on the words Install WordPress.

You will see a new WordPress screen appear before you. Just click on the “install” button. You can select the domain you want to install on WordPress.

Once you’re onto the last step, you will want to click on “advanced options.” You will type in your site name or title. Continue with admin username and password that Bluehost suggests.

Click the button that says you’ve read the terms and conditions. Now you can click on the “install now” button.

You’re almost there! Your installation will be complete.

From here, you will want to click on the “admin url” link, this will take you to the WordPress login page.

Writing Your First Blog Post

On your WordPress site, you will be looking at your “dashboard.”

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, scroll until you see “posts.” Hover over the “posts” and click “add new.”

It’s time to write your first blog post! You can enter a title for the post and start typing.

Once your post is finished, you can run it through the writing software’s mentioned before or you can click publish.

You will want to include an image for your blog post. The sites we use are free from copyright restrictions and that you can use for your website are: Unsplash, Stocksnap and Freephotos.  

After your post is published, you will want to click on view post.

There are tons of free themes you can use for your WordPress blog but if you want to look professional, we recommend considering a premium theme for your site.

A premium WordPress theme will cost you a little money but it’s highly worth it.

Now you’re ready to become a full-time blogger!

Coming Up With Blog Ideas

An initial fear of starting a blog could be thinking that you’ll run out of ideas to write. Don’t worry!

One of the best ways to never run out of ideas is to read a lot. There have been many times when I’ve been walking down the street, reminiscing about what I read in a book and a blog post will come to my mind. I’ll take out my phone and jot it in the notes section.

Always try to capture your blog ideas no matter how stupid you might feel they are.

If I’m writing a blog post and I determine I don’t have enough to say about the subject, I can turn the post into an email newsletter.

Why Blog?

Share your experiences and your passion with your audience. You can help people out with even the tiniest aspects of their lives.

Starting a blog can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You’ll be able to look over past years and see how much you’ve grown as a person.

When you start a blog, whether you know it or not, you’ll inspire others. Someone will come across your blog and they’ll read something you wrote and what you said to them changes their life. You may never meet this person but they are out there in the world, waiting to read your words. You can be the spark of inspiration for others.

One reason I started blogging was because it allowed me to get my thoughts down. Your blog serves as a personal journal for the world. You can go back to experiences you had and tell them to your audience. Your blog will never be lost or destroyed, it’ll always be there for your to express your thoughts.

A fear that blogging helps you get over is putting yourself out in the world. Everyone has an amazing gift that needs to shared with the world but never do because they’re scared of what others may think of them.

After you’ve been blogging for awhile, you realize some people will always love what you have to say while other hate what you have to say. You put your content out there anyway because you know there are people dying to read your next post.

Why do you want to start a blog? Let us know in the comments!

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