The Most Overlooked Trait of a Successful Person

01. September 2017

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Persistence may be the most overlooked quality of a successful person. Too many people look at the end result of a successful person and neglect looking at the process, but it’s in the process that makes a person a success. And that process is best exemplified by being persistent and working every day towards your vision.

However, I am not talking about blind persistence, which is when you push through even though you know you are going nowhere. What I am talking about is what I like to call “experimental persistence” – this is when you work towards your goal, but trying different avenues. You still have the same goal, but you can ‘experiment’ with different routes of getting there.

Have a Plan and be Persistent With it

In my short 21 years of life, I have learned that persistence and grit are the two major factors when it comes to the lives of mega-successful people. Too many people make a goal and then forget about it only weeks later, and it’s because they do not have a plan on how to get there. They dream up these great audacious goals, only to be upset by their lack of results, which is due directly to their poor work ethic and lack of a strong vision.

If you want to succeed, if you want to be a Lion, you must be absolutely willing to put in serious work every damn day on towards your vision. You need to write milestone goals for every day, week, month and even year if you are serious about one day living your ultimate vision.

And know that this is not going to be an easy path. The path you are about to take is one that millions have tried, but only few have succeeded. It’s the path of the uncommon man. A man who would rather fail a thousand times doing it his way than settling for an average life.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

You need to have the fortitude to weather any storm, setback and problem that may arise during your journey. And do not be harpooned into thinking that there is only one way to reach success, there are many. If you don’t like a certain path, change it and begin anew. Do not waste time.

However, keep in mind, I never wavered from my goal – my goal was and still is, the attainment of passive income. I have failed, but through every failure I have salvaged something that I can learn from. And at 21 years old, I have three businesses making me well over six figures every year in each.

Thomas Edison failed 10,000+ times to make a light bulb – he had the same mission, but he tried many mediums until he reached success. Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and Arnold Schwarzenegger all went through trials of massive failure, but they did not give up. They deviated from their current path into something different – and that change of course made all the difference in the world.

“I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” – Thomas Edison

Your Game Plan

You have to be honest with yourself – it doesn’t matter if somebody has more genetic ability than you were born with. It’s all about grit and mindset. You must have the mindset of: NO ONE will not outwork me. They may have been born with more talent than me, but they will never work harder or longer than me. You have to promise yourself that. Also do not waste time like most people do. Figure out your vision and work like hell every single day towards it’s attainment.

Thomas EdisonI’ve noticed that everyone wants to be a success in their life until they have to do what a successful person has to do. Isn’t that the paradox? Be different.

Do not give into your own excuses, nobody cares if you fail. Nobody wants to see whom he or she grew up with more successful than him or her, unless they are matured mentally, and that is rare in the modern world. I want you to challenge yourself with some empowering questions.

What would you be like today if you never gave up? Whether that is a business, a sport, a book, it doesn’t matter. How would your life be different?

Don’t let that happen anymore. Too many people say that they are “too old” or “too young” to do this or to do that. But in reality, age doesn’t matter in the slightest bit. You may be 70 years old and if you are unhappy, you have the God-given right to do something about it.

 “If you wake up before dawn everyday and work 360 days a year, you will make your family rich.” – Chinese proverb

The man who made Kentucky Fried Chicken started at 65 years old and grew it into an international restaurant chain. No excuses. People who are unhappy are those that float through life – make a goal and persistent towards it! For those of you that feel too young, just remember a boy on the farm starts work young and he became a man when he knows how to do all the different operations on a farm. He could be 12 or 13, but he was considered a man. Age doesn’t matter – your mindset does.

How you think about yourself matters – believe you are someone who captures their goals and you will. Challenge yourself. Challenge your life. Make goals. Be persistent – and you will succeed.


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