What Exactly Happens When You Chase Perfection

01. September 2017

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Who’s out there chasing perfection? Do you strive for that elusive result called perfection? Any person who leads a life striving for their personal best knows the mirage of perfection and knows perfection is not always possible, in fact, hardly ever. Sure, you may have moments of what could be perceived as perfection, that perfect hole in one, or that time everything went your way. In reality, were more than a few paces from “perfect” right?

So, then why do we try? Could it be your ego’s own way of seeing your full potential and what’s possible? Or maybe it’s that tireless pursuit of throwing your hands in the air and declaring victory!  As Vince Lombardi said, “Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” Truth is, we are continuously evolving and changing as we move through life.  So, let’s focus on chasing perfection and attaining excellence for results.

Here are some ideas to help you in your pursuit.


Commit to Your Strengths

Highlight your strengths, point is, this where your power is. Herein lies a true asset you must take advantage of for success. You have strength in this area likely because you like to do it. Most times, you excel at what you’re good at because your heart is in it.  Other times, we get tangled up in working more on weakness and not focusing enough on what we do well. What happens when you focus only on building weaknesses? You end up with average results because you didn’t capitalize on your strengths enough to peak. Switch it up, engage in building on your strengths for massive results, follow your heart and reveal your inner strength for the greatest results.

What are you great at?


Hold Yourself Accountable

There is no way you can perform at your personal best or make your future a reality unless you and you alone hold yourself accountable. There will never be someone holding you down to get it done, you must do this yourself. Sure, you may have help, a good coach or a friend hoping for the best but, the bottom line is, it’s up to you. Write steps down, commit towards completing them by a set deadline. Don’t let it slide, stay true to the mission and your vision.

What’s first on your list today?



Commit to Success and Failure Equally

It’s far easier to commit to success since we can appreciate the potential results on the other side. But, making mistakes and coming up short once in while holds tremendous benefits that may go unseen in the midst of the struggle. We learn far more about our character in our defeats than we do in our successes. Don’t be afraid to embrace your missteps, they happen and they keep you awake and alert. You must be prepared to fall, or stumble, it’s OK. Just dust yourself off as you walk the path to your true purpose in life. Success will come in many forms big and small. The journey of just trying is success and experiencing the struggle is part of the ride. Stay the course and reach for your victory, it will come.

What have you done in the past that appeared to be a failure but, then turned out to bring more success overall?


Execute Well Under Pressure

Having the grit to drive forward and execute under pressure is what true champions are made of.  When the lights are the brightest these people blossom but, it didn’t happen overnight.  It was a conscious effort for years that got them there.  Improving yourself every day is a critical step in becoming who you believe you are inside, it’s what personal development is all about.  Be willing to live it daily, experience a taste what the future holds for you.  Start now by executing an action plan every day that brings you closer to your chosen future. This reaffirms to yourself, your commitment to success and builds the habit so when the time comes and the lights are on you’re ready.

What can you do today, to take a step closer?


Begin Modeling Those You Admire

This is not a new idea by any means but it works and makes sense.  Speed up the process, model those that are getting the results you are looking to attain. Modeling accelerates your progress and allows you to make bigger strides quicker. Find that person who has the physique you always wanted or that person who invests for profit and follow their footsteps to success. There’s plenty of great books out there that offer clues and recipes for success. Use your available resources to model new patterns of behavior and strive for maximum results.

What new behavior pattern would you like to model?


Never Stop Believing

Always give your best effort and never give up on yourself, ever. If you’re reading this, I doubt you start any goal planning on giving a minimal effort.  By striving for perfection, you improve daily in search of getting it right so to speak. Let’s take martial arts for an example, a martial artist beginner or master always drives for more effective kicks, strikes, or throws. It is said, a black belt is nothing more than a white belt that never quit. Believe you can do it no matter what the odds are, or who says you can’t get it done.  Fill your heart and mind with positive self-talk and take daily action towards your goals and dreams.  You too have a special talent within you, cultivate it, feed it, and never stop believing in yourself.

Ask yourself, am I ready to never give up?



Truth is, if you go all-out your successes will be significant. If you deliver a weak attempt, then the results and outcome will reflect your effort.  Drive for maximum results and deliver your best personal performance always. Reaching for excellence in all you do just makes sense. Avoid the perfectionism attitude of nothing is good enough, it can be self-defeating and a trap to unfulfillment. Accept yourself for whom you are, there is no other like you.  Remember this, you are unique in every way, nobody can be you better than yourself, you are the perfect you.  Make the most of it, commit to releasing yourself on the inside to let your heart sing on the outside. Go out into the world, reach for your dreams, meet your goals, and the incredible you will prevail. The road to perfection is a mirage. True perfection is next to impossible but personal excellence is available to you now, catch it, and go live it.

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