Why Every Man Should Watch Entourage

01. September 2017

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It’s a Saturday night and my typical routine is taking place. Except, there’s one hindrance this time. I’m not sure what to watch. I’d spent the last year watching Game of Thrones and now it was time to pick a new show to watch.

I believe you should grind as hard as you can. The problem I’ve found out is that if you don’t give yourself a break, you’re going to burnout. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen to you, it’ll be your worst nightmare.

When trying to figure out what works best for me, I tried a plethora of different routines to give myself a break.

I ended up with the routine of watching one episode of a show or a movie on Saturday nights. It gives me something to look forward to on the weekend.

This gives me the opportunity to rest before getting back to work on Sunday.

When I finished watching Game of Thrones; I was stuck with the thought of what to do next.

This was my routine I had for the past year, I couldn’t change it.

I initially watched the show Deadwood, which took place in the 1800s. It reminded me of the movie True Grit. The show didn’t interest me that much.

Upon searching for another show to watch, I came across Entourage.

If you haven’t see the show Entourage, it’s about a movie star who moves to Los Angeles and brings along his high school friends.

When I try to watch a show or movie, I always try to take inspiration away from it. That’s exactly what I received since watching the show over the past few months.

By taking inspiration from the show, I look for a character or two and emulate how they act. While each character has faults, there are five characters who we should strive to become in one way or another.

Vincent Chase

Vincent Chase is the star of the show. He’s the movie star who brings his friends along with him.

What we can we can take away from Chase is his laid back tone.

He goes with whatever happens to him. It doesn’t matter if his movie does terrible like Medellin at Cannes. Chase continues to make movies despite what his critics think.

When you go after your dreams, people will want to bring you down. Understand this is part of the business.

Chase always has a positive outlook.

There will be negative events that take place in your life. You will encounter failures along the way. Will you be the person who gets back up and keeps on fighting?

Chase lives in the moment. Not that you shouldn’t focus on the future but if you focus too much on the future, you will miss what’s right in front of you.

You should learn from the past but you shouldn’t let it dictate how you live in the moment, only you can decide that.

With Vincent Chase, you can see he has a positive outlook and doesn’t let much bother him. 

Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy is Vincent Chase’s manager and lifelong friend. He’s the most career oriented out of the entire group.

What I like about Eric Murphy is that he says the hard things. He doesn’t care about hurting people’s feelings, he just does what needs to be done.

Has someone done something you didn’t like, but you didn’t stand up for yourself? Even though Eric’s stature is small, he’s willing to tell people like it is.

It’s a fact we live in an overly sensitive world. You make a joke about something and next thing you know you’re hated by everyone.

Murphy didn’t care about being hated, he cared about doing what was right.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes the right decision will be the tough decision. You won’t like to make decisions at times. But if you watch Murphy, you’ll see he isn’t afraid of people and tells them what they need to hear.

Murphy is sensible in the show. When most of the guys want to spend their money lavishly, he tries to keep them in check.

When he was first purchasing an office for himself, he initially bought one that was less than modest. He preferred to drive the car he’d always driven as compared to a Bentley. Murphy tried to live a frugal life and didn’t care about the materialistic items that so many people strive to get today.

Johnny Chase

Johnny Chase is Vincent Chase’s half-brother. He’s unsuccessful when compared to Vincent Chase.

Even though Johnny is unsuccessful, this doesn’t stop him from giving up. He continues to go to casting calls even though he gets let down.

Before his show Five Towns aired, it didn’t appear that anyone cared about the show. The reviews for the show were terrible. Yet, the show still did excellent.

Johnny plays second to his brother, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to achieve the level of success that his brother has.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes you will be in someone’s shadows for a while before you can succeed on your own. Ryan Holiday did an apprenticeship with Robert Greene before he became a successful author.

Johnny is into fitness, something that every entrepreneur should be doing in their life.

You should make it part of your routine to work out every single day. This doesn’t need to be lifting weights, it could be swimming or going for a run.

You sit for much of the day, you need to ensure yourself that you’ll be active for some part of the day. Because when you have wealth without health, you aren’t wealthy at all.

Ari Gold

Ari Gold is Vincent Chase’s manager. He is by far my favorite character on the show.

Ari is an alpha male, and he conducts himself, unlike any other person I’ve seen. He does whatever it takes to become successful.

I can’t agree with every that Gold does or says, we should agree that he gets the job done.

Gold will always be honest with you. He doesn’t care who you are. The best thing I like about Gold is that he holds nothing back, he says exactly what’s on his mind. He doesn’t beat around the bush when you aren’t doing your job. If you don’t produce, you’re fired.

Growing up in a middle-class family, Gold shows a glimpse of what it’s like to live in the 1%. His work ethic proves how hard you have to work if you wish to be successful. Even though this get’s him in trouble sometimes, he gets told off by his wife for always being on the phone. Gold understood the lifestyle he wanted to live and spent every day working towards it.

There’s a saying that goes, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” Gold doesn’t want to be anywhere besides first in his life.

Ari Gold would always have a good team around him and he always knew the right people to connect with. Remember, it’s not what you know but rather who you know.

Gold is always dressing his best. The way he dresses symbolizes his dominance over everyone else around him.

Above everything else, Gold is absolutely relentless in everything he does. Nothing ever comes between him and what he wants to get done, not his competitors, nothing. Gold will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Check out the video below to understand why I love Ari Gold and his hustle.

Billy Walsh

Billy Walsh is the director for the movies Queen’s Boulevard and Medellin that Vincent Chase stars in.

Walsh is a bit of a lunatic.

We can takeaway however, he is crazy about his work. Walsh never sees the finished product as the finished product, he’s always striving to make himself and the movies he produces better.

Walsh is stubborn and doesn’t let people get their way. He speaks what’s on his mind.

As an entrepreneur, you will have to push back against people.

Treat your idea, product or service like it’s your child. Would you ever let anyone talk bad about your child?


Turtle is the last person who’s in Vince’s crew.

Turtle is compassionate in his businesses. Whether that’s starting a limousine company or being a partner in a Tequila company. Turtle would always do what’s best.

There came a point in his life when Turtle no longer wanted to rely on Vince. He wanted to go out on his own and prove his self-worth to himself.

While Turtle may not be the smartest person on the show, for what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in compassion and drive.

He doesn’t let anything stop him and his crazy business ideas.

When you’re starting a business, are you in it for the money or to make an impact on others?

Money, Fame, and Power

The reason I’ve written this article is because the show depicts money, fame, and power. Maybe you want all three or you want just one. We should all be striving towards something as men. Because when you stop having a purpose in your life, you slowly start to die. 

The show depicts what it takes to become successful, how to deal with critics and how to work with friends.

If you’re looking to achieve success in your life, but don’t know where to start. I recommend taking Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps Program which takes you through step by step on what it takes to become a millionaire.

Another favorite of mine is the Kindle Money Mastery program. Both of these courses are relatively inexpensive and can start you on the course of living your ideal life.

What’s your favorite takeaway from Entourage? Let us know in the comments!

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