Why you MUST leave a legacy

01. September 2017

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There you lay. Your family and friends are looking over you. Their eyes are swelled. Your wife clasps your hand within hers, brushing your knuckles with a gentle touch. Your breathing becomes shallower and shallower, you hit flat-line.

The next few weeks, you’re remembered for who you loved and who loved you. Once those weeks past, you’re only a distant memory. Another name in the obituary section who lived good, but not meaningful.

They’ll be no books written on your behalf. Your teachings dissipated. Your name forgotten and everyone’s back to living their normal life.

You’re gone and forgotten

The circle in which we live can be tormenting. We believe we possess more time. When the time comes, we wish we had more time. Life paralyzes us, distracting us from chasing our dreams.

Days turn to years, to decades. As we sit on our deathbed, we look back on our life. What do you wish to see? Did you take risks? Will you live with regrets? If you keep putting off this choice, you will.

A current illness can take place in your life, crushing you before life expectancy. A drunk driver hits your car. These are events we can’t plan. We can plan for life after us. To leave our mark on the world.

Will your name live on?

There’s been over one-hundred billion who lived on earth. The majority we don’t care for. A few names carry on forever.

When get busy living we forget to make a life. The medial grind gets the better of us. We’re living for the weekend. A tumultuous cycle we’re enthroned upon. You weren’t put here to pay the bills and die. There’s more for you to accomplish.

Focus on the moment you’re in. Is what you’re doing today going to leave a lasting impact? This might be through speaking, writing, charity work, or teaching.

You’re neglecting important aspects of your life. You’re putting work before your children. Only this “one time,” becomes everlasting.

You were put here to serve. Each of us has a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. Be looking. Were you put here to hate your life? Of course not. You’re supposed to impact others in a positive way.

Not that you aren’t serving by not having a business. You may be a teacher enhancing the lives of your students. A contractor who ensures quality work. A doctor who’s dedicated his life to helping others maintain good health. If you’re happy with what you’re doing, you’ve found your passion.

Appreciate each day with gratitude

Each day you wake up, the wick of the candle is burning lower. Are you trying your best the to help others? You can’t take money with you to the grave. If you chase an empty desire, a life of regret will follow.

Live fully now. It’s easier said. By putting in the effort, you can change your life. You do something for someone and follow a path of a lore that never dies.

Be the person in your family who allows generations to come to enjoy freedom. This can’t happen if you don’t set your intentions on leaving a legacy.

Take out a paper and pen. Write your obituary. Visualize and predict what others might say. Is it positive or negative? You’d be happy if this is how it ended? It’s a fleeting thought, each of us dies. People are born and people are dying. That may be the greatest aspect of life.

If we lived on a never ending countdown, no one would take charge of their life. Knowing your time is limited can allow you to live it to the fullest.

To leave a legacy isn’t easy, it can be done. A remembrance is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Your name etched in history with the greats of our time.

Look out for others more than yourself

Consider other people’s interest. We can focus on ourselves we forget others. What does your friend or spouse prefer? Can you partake in these interests? You might learn something fascinating for yourself.

The more uniqueness you add to your life, the better chance you have of leaving a legacy. Do you want to be known as the guy who never stopped working and forgot about his family and his service to others?

Have integrity

Develop an integrity in your life. Speak up when something doesn’t please you. We act as if it’s terrible to go against someone’s opinion. You need disagreements in your life. You’ll be able to garner respect.

Integrity means to live a life of excellence. You’ll be looking out for others, helping them when possible. It constitutes to not conceive adultery, a common theme today. Whatever the task at hand, the person puts everything they have into the task. They leave nothing for chance. They know what they deserve and go after it.

Become the farmer of your life

Continue to reap what you sow. There’s  time to plant and time to harvest. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll be rewarded. This coincides with never giving up. If you never give up, you can never fail.

The hard work you put in will pay off. It’ll happen when you least expect. Keep putting in the work and trust everything will turn out prosperous.

Who’d you like to help?

Support causes you believe. Make charitable donations to help others in need. The more wealth you build, the more people you’ll be able to help.

With no money, you won’t be able to provide jobs, help a friend, or donate to charities.

Lead others

Become a mentor to others. You have a story others need to hear. With your story, you can help others. You were once a beginner. Take the knowledge you have and transmit it to others. The process from them will follow onto others.

Have the courage to take risks. No risks equal no reward.

Never stop in the pursuit of your legacy. What are you going to leave? Will your loved ones hear of your stories for years? Help that person. Write that book. Do everything in your power to make sure your message gets left.

When you’re on your deathbed surrounded by friends and family, you have no regrets. You know you lived a life well-lived. There’s nothing to be shameful for. As you drift towards the light, a smile rests on your face.

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