The Lion’s Guide To Dating

I want to talk to YOU.

You see a beautiful girl walking down the street or in a coffee shop and you feel a fluttering in your stomach but you’re too scared to approach her.

Instead, you pass on the chance of talking to her and by the time you get home, you’re still thinking about the relationship you could’ve had.

Maybe you’ve read a few books but none of them seem to work no matter what you do. Trying to seduce a girl with a memorized lines is not going to attract her to you.

Who is this book not for? Someone who already has a great dating life, has sex with beautiful women whenever he wants, and doesn’t feel the need has to improve himself anymore.

Most dating e-books teach you how to pick up girls using simple lines or tell you to be someone you’re not. The key to attracting the women you want in your life is by becoming an Alpha Male.

What’s an alpha male? An alpha male is someone who is confident, mentally tough, competitive, has strong body language, calm under pressure, understands how to dress, and most importantly, knows how to get the girl.

An alpha male is not someone who makes the girl pay for dinner, seeks the approval of everyone, gossips, and who doesn’t take charge in the bedroom.

What is it worth to attract the woman of your dreams and never getting rejected again?

How would it feel to make women come to you?

I want to talk about Ryan Gosling in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. Gosling depicts exactly what an alpha male is.

To become an Alpha Male, it starts with who you are as a person. 

An Alpha Male isn’t someone who is going to bore the girl he wants to ask out with his problems. When you approach a girl with any negative vibe, the odds of her saying “yes” to whatever question you ask her are going to be slim.

When you go up to a girl, you’re going to bring with an alpha male vibe with you, also known as a positive and confident vibe.

How you dress speaks to the girl. First impressions matter. Do you think she’s going to want to date someone who’s wearing jeans and polo shirt? You’re going to look like a 40-year-old dad. Our book teaches you how to dress like an Alpha Male.

Girls are going to be attracted to men who are strong and confident. You do this by wearing clothes that look great on you. Look how Gosling dresses in the video above. As a general rule of thumb, “Be better than the gap.”

What’s the simplest thing to say to a girl you’re interested in? “Hi.” Gosling shows this perfectly in the scene above.

Why does it work? Because his body language is on point. He’s smiling and confident. Gosling is allowing the girl to be open to whatever he says. In our book, you’ll learn the body language of an alpha male.

How would it feel to overcome your fear of rejection, become the man women want, and live your ideal life?

You no longer have to be the person who keeps saying, “I don’t understand women.” 

No woman wants to date a guy who’s needy or insecure, yet many men are plagued by those qualities.

In The Lion’s Guide To Dating You’ll Learn:

  • The Traits of an Alpha Male
  • What women look for in an Alpha Male
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of being in a Relationship
  • How to attract your ideal woman
  • How to keep your woman
  • How to develop the proper Alpha Male body language
  • And Much More!

Do you want to be scared of approaching and asking out women? Do you want to be alone your entire life?

How would your life change for the better if you had your ideal partner in your life?

With our book, you’re going get over any fears you have of approaching women and develop the self-confidence to get their number, get a date or take them back to your place.

You’re looking to make a change in your life.

You’re tired of getting rejected or not having the sex life you want.

If you read The Lion’s Guide To Dating and decide you didn’t learn anything new (which is highly unlikely) we’ll refund your full money with no questions.

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