Meet BTL’s CEO – Nicholas Piva

Nicholas Piva is a 21-year-old serial entrepreneur from Mattapoisett, MA.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

He grew up in an entrepreneurial family ranging back three generations on both sides. He’s been immersed in real estate, wholesale and retail businesses from an early age and has always went out of his way to surround himself with successful people.

He chooses to only surrounded himself with people of character and those who have a strong work ethic and vision. Nicholas believes that who you surround yourself with has a great influence on who you ultimately become.

Nicholas’s company Xtrend. Xtrend’s first product. 

That is why he has personally spent thousands of dollars to work with the right mentors and buy the right courses.

And those investments have paid HUGE dividends today.

To date, Nicholas owns CandleWorks Publishing, Firestone Publishing, Xtrend, Armagh Management Company and is CEO of Become The Lion.

All of his successes and failures are the result of him. He worked for his money. He paid for his trips. He paid for his courses… and in doing that, he spent thousands of dollars without any hint of success.

His Story (fully transparent)

Growing up, there were no signs that he would become a success.

He was the epitome of a normal, reserved kid. His focus was in the world of sports, games and goofing around with his friends. It wasn’t until high school that he saw the limitless possibilities in life if you are willing to work hard.

He remembers making a promise to himself his junior year that he would inspire millions and become a business mogul. He was stone cold serious. Sharing his aspirations with fellow classmates, they thought he was a joke.

They didn’t take him serious.

Since that time, almost every decision he has made from 17 years old until today has been with that end goal in mind. He is in the eyes of others today, a ‘success’. But what they do not realize is the five years of pure grinding he put himself through.

Books Nicholas read in 2014.

Throughout high school, he continuously read many books on success, money, marketing, branding and most importantly, books on mindset. In 2014 alone, he read close to 100 books.

Also during that time he had experimented with many niche websites, e-commerce sites, was apart of the building of multiple apps, while also partaking in multi-level marketing, dropshipping and eBay.

Every single one of them resulted in failure and a loss of money. The only steady money he ever had was working in a warehouse after school and in the summers.

He had no problem grinding for years without any real results. He loved the grind. He loved the process. Nicholas even kept a journal that he’s written in almost every single day documenting his rise.

After graduating high school, he had nothing to show for his efforts. No businesses. No large bank account. No connections. No idea what he was doing with his life. And that goes to show that academic performance has no bearing on future successes. It’s all a mindset.

Nicholas was in the bottom 50% of his class, wasn’t an honors student & had his fair share of detentions.

On the outside, he looked like a normal student. But what was going on in his mind was something completely different. For the past 3 years he was reading, learning and taking courses outside of the classroom.

He learned the foundations of many different online business models. He learned different ad platforms and how to make money online. But most important, he had trained his mind by living vicariously through history’s Greats. He felt limitless. He had trained his my mind for greatness.

Now it was time to go after it. He needed to start a business and make sure what he was feeling wasn’t just unrequited ecstasy.

High school is done – What now?

In the fall of 2014, he found a mentor. He paid a lot of money, almost everything he had to get into his program.

He had $8k in his bank account and the program was $6500. That gave him $1,500 to play with to actually start the business he was being coached for. He told myself, “This is it, my savings… I am going all in. I am burning the boats.” He told himself he had no choice but to succeed – there is no alternative.

And after a grueling 6 months, he was on track to make six figures that year from publishing. He was spending all his time on it that he dropped out of college just to focus on this. He was putting in 90+ hour weeks.

Nicholas at Hong Kong’s skyline.

He was doing so well and was so dedicated that within his first year of business, he made another publishing company. He started hiring employees and working with freelancers. He even developed an internationally used publishing software. This is the power of being hyper-focused. Later, in 2015, Nicholas developed a wineware business, Xtrend.

And in just a few months he has made that business into six figures using the proven business strategies learned from publishing. During this time he traveled all over USA to attend talks, conferences and to network with top people in his industry. He even traveled to China to visit manufactures, go to trade shows and make connections.

Holding up BTL’s first shirt.

In 2015 he co-founded Become The Lion, and as of August of 2017, Nicholas has taken over Become The Lion while his co-founder stepped down to work on other projects.

Looking back, he is glad he did what he did. He worked hard when no one was watching. He was reading and implementing. He was an apprentice to the art of self-development and he never gave up.

Like Steve Jobs said, “You cannot connect the dots looking forward, only by looking back”.

The past failures were tough to handle at the time when he saw all these ‘gurus’ and people making money online all saying how easy it was.

But it was in those moments of hard times that he developed an iron-will to succeed.

He has always lived by the mantra:

“If someone else can do it, surely I can, and if no one has ever done, that means when I do it, I’ll be the first one to ever do it.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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