Our Goal

Our goal is to empower you to change your life and live a life that you can call your own. No more living another person’s version of your life.

Visualize the life you want, plan for it, and then work like hell to make it your reality.

No more setting goals to win your state, think nationals and then the World. No more setting goals to own 10 properties, try 1,000 properties. No more setting goals for 1 million a year, try 1 million a month.

This platform is designed to make you think BIGGER than you have ever thought before.

In a world of entitlement and free lunches, most of us have forgot about planning, hard work, vision and grit.

Through the work on our Instagram page, weekly blog posts, YouTube motivational videos and podcasts with successful entrepreneurs Become The Lion will become the world’s premiere source of inspiration and expansion of the mind when it comes to success in business.

Every week we will be interviewing A Lion in their respective industry, whether that is in athletics, business, a creative-pursuit or anything… as long as they are at the TOP.

But our main focus is business... the most ruthless pursuit of all.

Business is the one pursuit many try, but fail, and then end up working for another person. Which is not bad, that is if you like that lifestyle.

So where should you start?

You should start with your mindset. With the wrong mindset, one of a victim-mentality, the content doesn’t matter.

The first step is to change your mindset, to one of abundance and responsibility.

Nothing is more important than mindset.

To develop this mindset, we challenge you to read every blog post, listen to every podcast and watch every YouTube video that we share.

DAILY REPETITION is the key that unlocks a successful mindset.

Doing this once in a while will get you NOWHERE. You must make a pact with yourself to commit to feeding your mind daily.

Throughout our journey of you being with us, we will give you first-hand accounts of many successful entrepreneurs and how they rose to the great heights that they are at today.

By learning about others successes and failures, you will be able to incorporate that information and use it in your own life.

No more 9 to 5.

No more being a pawn for someone else’s dream.

You are here to create your own life, on your own terms and it is our mission to give you the tools and ingrain a certain mindset for you to achieve what many say is impossible.

As we move forward, we will be adding many different features: premium tools, courses, books and other collaborations you to take your mindset and business to the next level.

And if you feel EMPOWERED, rather than after reading this, you are already on your way of Becoming the Lion in your own life.


We share success stories, habits of legends, routines to enhance your day and more. "Surround yourself with killers" and if you cannot, read about them.

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