Our Mission

The Mission of Become the Lion is to give you the best tools, resources and inspiration on a daily basis to reach the top in your industry.

We post on Instagram multiple times per day, have weekly podcasts and YouTube videos, along with blogs posts and other key content that we share every week to give you the ULTIMATE EDGE OVER YOUR COMPETITION.

We give you our promise that we will fulfill our part of the deal.

We will bust ourselves to continually give you that edge… but it is a TWO-WAY STREAM.

Do not think for one minute you will reach success by casually reading and passively implementing.

Those are actions of the sheep.

YOU need to set your foot down and say ... ‘dammit, I am tired of failure, I want success, and I will do whatever it takes.’

Those who plunge into those waters rarely find any more setbacks, excuses and or lack of time problems to work on their craft.


We have both entered it ourselves and we both know what it takes to become successful.

That is why we are here to guide you with the right, game-changing content to keep you motivated and focused.

WE ARE NOT SPECIAL. We just worked damn hard everyday and didn’t fall into the trap of going to school to get a job for 40 years and then having a family and eventually retire and die.

It might seem like a good plan to most people, but for the Lions of the world, it’s foolish, dogmatic and intolerable.

You only have so much time on this planet and it would be a damn shame to waste it.

WE ARE GOING TO SET YOU UP FOR SUCCESS, but you must follow us. It's going to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Trust me, those long nights and early mornings are all going to be worth it.

When you continually use the concepts and content produced by Become The Lion, we guarantee that you will be successful than you were before.

We all have to make sacrifices, but that is what it takes. Join us on the mission to become the TOP IN YOUR INDUSTRY and never back down.

We are going to be as clean cut as possible and we are not going to bullshit you. We're not going to baby you and make you think it's easy.

This is the hardest journey that you will ever go on, but it is the only journey worth your full effort and time.


We share success stories, habits of legends, routines to enhance your day and more. "Surround yourself with killers" and if you cannot, read about them.

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