BTL 048: Making Your Dreams Come True with Alex Echols

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We speak with Alex Echols in BTL 048.  Alex is a best-selling author, speaker, and mentor for millennial entrepreneurs. Alex will share with you how to discover your passion and make all your dreams come true!

Alex got started as an entrepreneur around the age of 13 or 14. He was inspired from his Aunts and Uncles but no one in his immediate family was an entrepreneur. Ever since his young age, Alex dedicated most of his time to becoming an entrepreneur.

He generates his income from creating online products that teaches others how to start their online business.

Most people rush to find their passion. Alex did the opposite. He realized it takes time to find your passion. Alex tried many different things to find his passion.

It takes about 3 years to create a sustainable business, this is why you need to create your side hustle while still working your full-time job.

Alex went to seminars, summits, and masterminds. Going to those events allowed him to connect with like minded people. Alex would connect with those people and bring as much value as he could to them.

In the beginning, Alex lacked confidence as an entrepreneur. He soon learned that by taking action each day, you’re going to be able to overcome your limiting beliefs.

In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • Why you should figure yourself out before starting a business.
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others.
  • How to develop self-confidence.
  • Why you need to harness the power of positive affirmations.
  • Why you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

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Favorite Books:

The Art of Living

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online

The Motivation Manifesto

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