BTL 049: Should You Drop Out Of School with Chandler Bolt

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We speak with Chandler Bolt in BTL 049. Chandler is the founder of the Self-Publishing School where he made seven figures within two years of dropping out. Chandler will share with you why you should or shouldn’t drop out of school!

The interview together wasn’t planned. It was part of our pre-interview talk with the guest but it turned into something much more. Initially, I was going to ask Chandler questions on his publishing school but that turned into talking about whether or not I should drop out of school.

During the interview, we talk about why someone should stay in school or why they should drop out. Chandler counters every argument that I have on why I shouldn’t drop out.

For himself, Chandler dropped out of school. Within two years, he hit the seven-figure mark while the rest of his friends were graduating.

He had the weight of becoming the first person in his family to graduate from college but he didn’t let that stop him. Chandler even had the hardest year following his drop out.

For those thinking about dropping out, we’re all delaying the inevitable.

Chandler learned not to chase short-term money or compare your salary with others.

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